24 Year Old Londoner. Queer. Feminist. I watch a lot of YouTube, TV and still haven't quite got the hang of how to use Tumblr. But getting there

I’m a big fan of The Gender Book. Awesome guide for educating yourself, others, suitable for all ages and all done in cartoon form. 

"Covered topics : introduction, what is gender?, gender generalizations, gender versus sex, biological brain differences, gender behavior in kids, gender through history, gender across cultures, Gender Identity, Gender expression, gender perceptions, binary v. spectrum, transgender umbrella…, masculine women, androgynous people, feminine men, MtF overview/physical transition, FtM overciew/physical transition, cross-dressers, drag kings/queens, intersex individuals, genderqueers, other TG identities, TG concerns, example life timeline, how to be an ally, challenges/conclusion, full surveys, thank yous, other resources, index,glossary…and more!”

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